Safe, Effective, Permanent

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. We believe that laser is an effective method of reducing hair growth; however, to permanently rid yourself of unwanted hair Electrolysis is the way to go. We are well trained and versed in all three modalities of Electrolysis. 

Hey Gorgeous strictly adheres to Universal Precautions Standards.

Meet the Practitioners

Cynthia received her Electrolysis education from the New York Institute of Electrolysis, completing a 650-hour training course enabling her to work as a licensed Electrologist in her home state Connecticut. She is proficient in all three modalities of Electrolysis, with 26 years of working experience and 32 in the industry.

Cynthia is also a trained Aesthetician having received her training from the Gal-Mar School of Aesthetics in Hamden, Connecticut. Because of this training, Cynthia is able to marry Skin Care and Electrolysis in a way that not only gets rid of your unwanted hair but also keeps your skin healthy and happy during the process. To book an Electrolysis session, click below.

Victoria grew up in Wheat Ridge and has lived most of her life in Colorado. After spending many years as a paralegal, she decided it was time for a career pivot. She found Electrolysis to be a venue she enjoys and through which she can help others. Looking after people and helping take care of an issue that bothers them is something that comes naturally to Victoria. She also loves the way electrolysis gives her the ability to work with her clients throughout the entire process. To book an Electrolysis session, click below.

Electrolysis is available by appointment only.

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