Relax, Rehabilitate, Revitalize

Massage helps relieve stress and tension and is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Research has proven the following tremendous benefits of therapeutic touch:

  • Reduces muscle spasms, tightness, and cramping

  • Alleviates pain

  • Improves range of motion, especially after injury

  • Increases elasticity of tissues

  • Stimulates lymph flow, which increases immunity

  • Reduces scar tissue and stretch marks

  • Reduces stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure

  • Reduces headaches, especially migraines

  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces toxins, which often settle around joints

Meet the Practitioner

Caitlin attended the Aveda Institute Denver in 2014 for Skincare and Massage Therapy. She has been a licensed Massage Therapist for 5 years. She specializes in deep tissue and neuromuscular work. Caitlin provides an individualized consultation experience to understand each client, and tailors her techniques to focus on each person's unique needs. Click below to book with Caitlin directly.

Caitlin is available by appointment only.

Saturdays: 9am - Noon