Knowledge, Discovery, Freedom

Past-Life Regression is used to discover the cause of fears, repeated dreams and undesired tendencies. 

Through exploring Past Lives a person can come to realize why they repeatedly enter abusive or negative relationships or have certain obsessive behaviors. You can resolve certain problems by understanding their past existences, understanding and interpreting them, and finally putting them to rest forever.

Most individuals are able to experience a regression if they are able to relax, focus on the practitioner’s voice and are open to experiencing the images, feelings and memories of their subconscious mind.

Meet the Practitioner


While working as the Director of Pastoral Care at a UU Church in Connecticut, Cynthia was often called upon to do counseling. It was during one of those sessions that Cynthia was struck by what a parishioner kept saying. “I don’t understand WHY I keep doing this!” “I know better!” “It must be a Past Life thing!” 

Even in her own life, Cynthia had noticed patterns of behavior seemed “too deep” to be easily dismissed; the constant repeated cycles of unhealthy behavior and ill-feelings resonated with her on some level. So, believing in reincarnation and past lives, Cynthia then enrolled at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona with renowned Past-Life regression and hypnotherapy instructor Mary Elizabeth Raines.

Past-Life Regression should not be attempted by those suffering from any type of Psychiatric Disorder.

Regression should never be used in lieu of Psychotherapy. 

Sessions available by appointment only.

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