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Image by Benjamin Davies

Are changes happening too fast?

Big questions being asked? How do I see myself? Who am I attracted to? How come I feel so stuck? If that's how you're feeling, our Talk therapist Melody can help. At a comfortable pace for you, we can take a look at your questions, explore your feelings, and figure out what's important. It'll be okay and you'll begin to feel better.

Melody works from a person-centered approach to encompass all that you are. Her goal for you is for you to have an understanding of who you are and how you want to live in the world. Sometimes it's difficult to hear the questions because of harmful attitudes and beliefs around you. Sometimes your own critical voice and past experiences may be getting in the way of your feelings. Melody will work with you to develop the skills to move confidently in the world as who you want to be. She wants you to trust yourself and your own knowledge.

Meet the Practitioner


Melody is also part of the queer community and uses the pronouns she, her, hers. After being a software developer for many years, she made a career change into counseling. When she's not counseling, you might find her out walking, reading a book, doing tai-chi, or perhaps binge-ing a show on Netflix!

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