Don't Panic - But Make Thoughtful Decisions - a message
from Dr. Crow of Community Care Collective:

While there is reason for thoughtful concern with COVID-19 (and also numerous other viruses) circulating the globe right now, let’s put this into perspective. Some facts and steps:

  • The most vulnerable groups (meaning most likely to get seriously ill or die from COVID-19 infection) are individuals over the age of 60 as well as individuals of any age with chronic conditions that compromises their immune response or healing time.

  • If you are NOT in either of those groups, you may or may not get sick, but you can ABSOLUTELY spread the virus to vulnerable people, increasing THEIR likelihood of serious illness or worse. Please DO NOT FORGET how dangerous exposure can be to others, if not you.

  • I know you're seeing this basic advice everywhere - but it's still true:

    • Wash your hands. Seriously, go wash them again.

    • Don't touch your face so much.

    • Keep surfaces extra clean/ disinfected.

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