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Electrolysis & Wellness Studio located in Aurora, CO

Grief, Trauma and Renewal
It would be for people experiencing the loss of a loved one. Here participants can express their grief and loss to others who have experiences similar losses. In this group people will learn coping strategies for living with loss. 
Rainbow Bridge
A support group for those who have lost a furry/scaly pet companion. Participants are encouraged to bring a photo or a special toy to this group, along with tons of stories to honor their beloved pet. 
Trans Parent Grief and Support Group
For the parents of transgender individuals who need the support and understanding of other parents taking this journey with their child. Participants of this group are already supportive allies who need to vent and mourn and laugh and cry with other parents in similar situations. This group is a support group to help parents come to terms with the new evolution of their relationship.
Ladies of a Certain Age
This is a social group for ladies over 50 who would like to meet other ladies over 50 to go to the movies, out to dinner, trips to see the leaves change, Holiday shopping and lunch, etc. The participants of this group are looking for friendship, camaraderie, and community. This group is really for older working women who miss out on social events offered to seniors because they are still working. 
Mindful Morning
This group is a morning mindful breath work class. It is open to anyone who would like to breath in the morning and center themselves for the day. A nice easy way to start your day.
Mindful Evening
A group that comes together after work/end of day mindful breath work. A way to end the hectic day and restore peace and balance to your evening before going home and dealing with the chaos of dinner, homework, chores, etc.
Religious Trauma Support Group
This is for the LGBTQIA+ people that have suffered religious trauma. In this group we unravel and explore the differences between dogma and spiritually, how and why religious leaders got things twisted and warped to suit their agendas. In this group we learn that we are all Children of God and are loved and cherished for who we are. 
The Ten Challenges
A new look at living the 10 Commandments in the modern world and what that means not only for ourselves and our families but for society as a whole. 
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