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Electrolysis services offered in Aurora, CO

If you have unwanted hair, you’d probably rather have a permanent solution than a quick fix and that’s where electrolysis comes in. At the Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio, highly trained electrologist Reverend Cynthia Pepping offers all three modalities of electrolysis in the Aurora, Colorado, office. Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio strictly adheres to universal precautions standards for your safety. As the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal, electrolysis stands above other methods like laser hair removal. Call the office or click online scheduling to book the time and date that works for you now.

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the sole permanent hair removal method approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It uses an electrical or radiofrequency current to destroy hair follicles at their roots, so hair cannot regrow. This provides excellent results for people with unwanted hair. 

What are the types of electrolysis?

There are three types of electrolysis, and the skilled Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio team is proficient in all of them. They are:

Galvanic electrolysis

Galvanic electrolysis involves a direct current to the hair root. The electrical current interacts with the salt water (saline) inside the hair follicle, creating a corrosive reaction that destroys the hair follicle. 

Thermolysis electrolysis

Thermolysis electrolysis uses an energy current with alternating shortwave radio frequencies to heat the hair follicle. This causes coagulation of the proteins inside the hair follicle, which destroys it.

Blend electrolysis

Blend electrolysis combines both galvanic and thermolysis techniques. 

The team evaluates your needs and preferences, then recommends the best approach to reach your goals. Clients typically need a series of treatments for ideal results, with the total number of treatments depending on the size of the treatment area, hair texture and thickness, and other individual factors.

Who can get electrolysis?

Among the significant advantages of electrolysis is that it is safe on all skin types and any part of your body. In fact, people who typically aren’t candidates for laser hair removal can successfully have electrolysis.

How does electrolysis compare to laser hair removal?

The Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio team believes that laser hair removal can be an effective way to reduce unwanted hair. However, it’s not permanent. 

After laser hair removal, you might experience smooth skin ranging from a few months to a few years, but the laser doesn’t permanently destroy all hair follicles in the treatment area. Because of this, Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio does not recommend lasers for transgender clients wanting to clear the surgical site.  

Electrolysis is truly permanent. Because the hair follicles are destroyed, they cannot regenerate later. That’s why the team focuses on electrolysis — it is a safe and effective way to give clients the long-term desired results. 

Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio offers electrolysis by appointment. Call the office or book an appointment using the online scheduling feature now.