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Electrolysis FAQs

Graphic of hair loss
How long does unwanted hair stay away?
Does Electrolysis hurt?
Yes. It sure can. If you have been waxing and tweezing the area, then it is generally bearable. Different areas of the body hurt differently. The upper lip hurts more than the chin; the hairline hurts more than the breast and so on. I have had my entire face done and some body parts but don’t get near my brows. I cannot stand it. It is not so much the pain as it is the sensation of it. But that’s me. Everyone is different and reacts differently to Electrolysis. Modern Electrolysis machines do not seem “to run as hot” as they did when our mothers were having work done. I truly believe if you want the hair gone, you will tolerate the discomfort. The desire to be hair free tends to out weigh the discomfort (or pain of it, depending on your outlook).
How long does Electrolysis take?
Time. It takes time. It’s a process.

A general rule if attending regularly scheduled appointments, is that within 3 months you will see a significant difference in the amount of hair growth. There are charts out there that show how long an area should take to “clear”. According to some charts, the upper lip should take 2-12 hours to be hair-free. I always find this vagueness humorous.

Truthfully, the vagueness derives from the reason for the hair growth and which modality is being implemented during treatments, and not because your Electrologist is trying to be evasive. The average person with a normal growth pattern and hair texture will not take as long a someone with a hormonal imbalance (Hi 👋) or someone who has been tweezing and waxing for years. Sessions can range from 10 minutes to an hour or more. In the beginning, most people come weekly and over time every other week, and eventually to once a month, and then to an occasional session for a quick clean-up. Others, like myself, have been clear for years and then a hormonal change occurs and we are back in the chair. So, the question to you is, could I be more vague in answering this question?
Do I have to let the hair grow before making an appointment?
Yes. However, the hair does not need to be very long like it does for waxing; but I do need to be able to grab it with my tweezers. If you have so much hair that you need to shave daily, then usually I can epilate the hair that same evening. I generally ask for one day of growth to ensure you get your money’s worth from your visit.
Did you say Shave?
You bet. Thanks for noticing. Most women panic when I say shave, but here is the reality about shaving….

The only place that the hair is alive is at its root. Shaving does not make the hair grow in thicker. It is just an optical illusion that the hair is thicker because now it has a blunt end. I can feel the skepticism pouring from you, but it is true. I will forever hear about someone’s mother saying if you shave your legs the hair will only come in thicker. Well, mom was almost right. When we were at an age that we wanted to shave, our hormones were waking up, puberty was on its way and soon there was hair everywhere, not just where we were shaving. Ultimately the decision of what to do with the unwanted hair between sessions is up to you. I will always contend that shaving is better than tweezing when you are in treatment. You see, when I insert my needle and zap the hair, I am cauterizing the blood vessel that is feeding the hair. If you, as the client are still tweezing in between sessions you are effectively undoing all my work and unfortunately, Electrolysis will never work for you. So, if you can not bring yourself to shave, then please use a depilatory cream, cut them with scissors, do anything to the hair at surface level ⁠— just don’t disturb the root.
Can Electrolysis damage my skin?
No. In my experience Electrolysis cannot damage your skin but an inexperienced, clumsy Electrologist could. The notion that the higher the current the more effectual the treatment is ridiculous. There are a great many nuances and considerations that must be made when having Electrolysis done. A good Electrologist will understand this and your treatments will be productive.

I have been to many Electrologists over the years. The most effective ones were those who kept the current at appropriate levels for the area, knew and were experienced in the different modalities and when to implement them. There is no magic magnifier for us to see the root of the hair. We find it by feel. It takes practice and skill.

With that being said, the skin does have a very distinct reaction to an Electrolysis treatment. There is the “mosquito bite” look or sometimes a general red appearance to the skin. Both are normal, healthy reactions. Those reactions don’t last very long. My insurance company likes for me to give you the full range of time that you may stay red (20 minutes – 48 hours). On average though your skin should be back to normal in about an hour.
What areas of the body can be treated?
Any area can be treated with the exception of moles, inside the nose and the ear canal. I do not work on the anus nor do I work beyond the labia majora, not because I’m a prude but because the probability of a staph infection is tenfold.

I do work on transgender women, working closely with their surgeons to ensure that they are completely clear and ready for their SRS/GCS.
Who can have Electrolysis treatments?
With the exception of those with immune system disorders or circulatory disorders, anyone can have treatments. If you are unsure, please consult your physician.

I do not work on anyone under the age of 16 without a referral from an endocrinologist or a pediatrician, and written consent from a parent.

I will attempt to answer any questions you have, in a frank and honest manner. Please do not hesitate to call or send me an email if I missed a question or two that you may still have. I have been in the business for 26 years, but I think most importantly I have been a client for 32 years. Although that may give the impression that Electrolysis is not permanent, for me Electrolysis is a way of life as I suffer from a hormonal imbalance. So, maintenance is part of my beauty regimen. I am also an aesthetician. This, along with my “lifer” status, allows me a unique perspective on the industry.

The truth is, I love Electrolysis. It is because of Electrolysis and wonderful, knowledgeable practitioners that understood my medical issues and how to work with curly hair that I am proud to show my face (and a little cleavage). My goal is to educate you so that you feel empowered to advocate for yourself and your unique needs of hair removal. I hope this Q&A has been helpful.